- Sugar addict -

7th October 2016
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Sugar addict
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Mr. Readers say:

7th Oct 2016, 6:54 AM
they only sell junk nowadays, can't trust anybody anymore..
9th Oct 2016, 10:29 PM
Everyone's out to make a quick buck, no one's in it for the integrity
8th Oct 2016, 6:29 AM
Should have used ink in water. It would maybe turn the white petals to blue!
Like that usual experiment.
Is that how flowers dye their hair?
9th Oct 2016, 10:30 PM
I didn't even know that was a thing. I guess?
8th Oct 2016, 1:30 PM
"I'm your sugar-daddy." Love that line.
9th Oct 2016, 10:31 PM
Poor Mr. Woodlouse, only wanted to be someone's sugar daddy.