- Worked up -

23rd February 2021
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Worked up
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Mr. Readers say:

25th Feb 2021, 6:12 AM
Wait. That took a couple of days? Wow.
Mr. Flower must have absorbed some alcohol. Or should just lay off the spice, lmao.
25th Feb 2021, 9:19 AM
oh, no I started shading a background and found it too slow to do so I only did a few of the panels. It's one night.
27th Feb 2021, 4:36 AM
Ah cool then! I think I will go with the headcanon though ;D
1st Mar 2021, 6:35 AM
I'm finally caught up! I love Mr. Flower <3
1st Mar 2021, 4:44 PM
awesome. now hopefully updates dont die off again.
4th Mar 2021, 12:52 PM
As an entity with no legs, i get this

After all, look at my profpic
definitely no legs there