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8th January 2020
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Mr. Creator says:

8th Jan 2020, 1:01 AM
picky mr woodlouse

Mr. Readers say:

8th Jan 2020, 6:17 PM
Lmao yea the dubbed CAN be cringy-
11th Jan 2020, 3:31 AM
more often funimations dubs than others.
9th Jan 2020, 3:29 AM
Wow! What a baka! Definitely not all according to keikaku :(

Hm. I guess here is the difference and what you would rather choose to listen to:

EN: Big brother! Big brother!
JP: Onii-chaaaaaaaaaan!!!

EN: Everything is USELESS!
JP: Dame da! Zen zen dame DAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaAAaaaaAAAa!!!!

EN: But... how?
JP: Naaandeee!?? Guuuuogghhh!!!

EN: Quick! Please hurry! HURRY!!!
JP: Hayakuuuu! Hayaku kite kudasaaaaaaaAAAaaaaaaiiiii!


But now for real. I prefer dub because I do not feel like reading while watching. More specifically, I prefer a language I can understand when I hear it. If that is not possible then sub of course because it is not like it is bad. The bad subs memes I think mostly come from either the VHS and early DVD era or from not yet properly established subbers who got MUCH better. In a way it is an excercise in language for them.

I actually do not mind the above. Some voiced VNs get waaaaay over the top but you have to realize it is common in that area.
I recommend not being confined by one language if you can understand more and the work in question is available in those languages. From time to time English gets really boring to me, haha. Sometimes such a thing as a language can change experience or even better, forces you to consider something different. You might get the full course so to speak. If I can call it that, lmao. Some other angle the situation can be taken from by the character(s). That is considering it is well localized in those languages. My definition of well localized means that you can clearly compare between at least two. The original and the localized version. Unless you cannot understand the original in which case with some other version.

For instance, I played the Gothic games in original German, English and Polish and found some vids of the elusive Russian voiced version.


Each version makes some characters, especially the hero, sound different in the same situation. In one version he might be pissed, in another surprised, in another deadpan indifferent. But all are voiced well because all could fit the situation and that is how the translators and actors adjusted the script from the original. Gives the hero slightly different personality with roughly the same script with some scenes sounding better in one and other scene better in another language :D
The voice, the chosen expression, the expressivness of the language and how it sounds, the words the language has at its disposal and how it has to adjust the script and so on.

Surely that also applies to written work if you can read the language. Just that spoken word adds that one more dimension to it all.

When somebody says all Japanese shows sound better in Japanese and dubs suck overall then I assume they undestand Japanese on that level. I do not. Not at all. Good for them then!

One thing to consider with the above is that there are people who understand a language and can read it but might not look like it because they cannot speak or write it at that level themselves. To get a meaning and to voice a meaning. Two different skillsets you notice when you start learning more languages but perhaps that is very obvious. It took me a while to notice that though :D
Receptive multilingualism I think it is called?
11th Jan 2020, 3:33 AM
only thing that comes to mind beside anime would be the old Asterix movies. ignoring the choice of voice cast for english, the jokes are so badly worded/acted that the subtitles are funnier.
11th Jan 2020, 4:29 AM
I used to watch cartoons and movies on a Polish channel as a kid and it was... glorious. They had one single guy voicing absolutely everyone. In every cartoon and in every movie and in every show. He was just reading the localized script because that is how it sounded.
That is not all though. He was voicing every character over the original voices in the background :D

It was terrible but it was available even though I could not understand much stuff back then.
Must have been somebody truly legendary so I wonder if the dude is still around in some way, haha.
24th Feb 2021, 5:12 AM
Subtitled. Change my mind