Mr. Flower
First Name: Daisy
Flower Type: Daisy flower
Bio: The best flower of all. If there ever was a flower who was the greatest flower, Mr. Flower is that flower.
Mr. Lizard
Lizard Type: Regal Frill-horned Bearded Lizard (unconfirmed)
Bio: Mr. Flower's best buddy. Likes eating bugs and thinking deep thoughts.
Mr. Sun
First Name: Sol
Star Type: yellow dwarf
Bio: He's the sun. Overseer of the meadow. He likes jokes. Everyone thinks he is hot.
Mr. Star
First Name: Nova
Bio: The lone star in the night sky. With just satellites and meteorites to keep him company half the time, he is glad to have Mr. Flower to talk to on some nights.
Mr. Bee
Bio: Nobody knows exactly how many Mr. Bee's there are in the meadow, just that they're real adorable. At least one tends to hang around Mr. Flower every so often.